LEWIS UNIVERSITY Master of Science in Information Security


This page provides access to the graduate projects students have completed for MSIS 595, the capstone experience in the MSIS program. As projects become available, they will be posted here.

Naif AlqraminAnalyzing Cyber Threats at a Public WIFI Hotspot
Gary BannisterThe Security Case for "De-Perimeterization and Hardening the Host"
- the Jerhico Model
Ivan BarreraConverting your old PC into a Unified Threat Management Appliance, an Inexpensive and Ultimate Defense for Small Office and Home Office Networks
Ramiro BuenrostroConvergence: The Integration of Physical and IT Security
Christopher BeggsMobile Personal Digital Assistants
Bob BensonVirtual Info Sec Computer Lab
Cedrick BurrowsEfficient Authentication Systems for a Small- to Medium-Sized Bank
Chris CoglianeseTaking Security to Eleven in Your Microsoft Environment
Rob DenneyConfiguring a Cisco ASA 5505
Jason EkstromMetalsoft Vulnerability Assessment
Adebiaye FapetuRSS Security in Ethernet Network Protocol
Karen GraczykCreating a Security Awareness Program for the National Insurance Crime Bureau
Howard HarveyHIPAA Compliance Analysis for Foundation Services
Kyle HessModern Information Security Policies and Procedures
Felinda HolmesEmployee Acceptable Use Policy
Jay JohnsonCreating a Secure IT Network for a Small, Non-Profit Organization
Jeff JonesMac OS X Security Assessment Project
George JordanSecuring an Enterprise Computer Network with the Security Development Life Cycle
Kevin KeayBuilding and Securing a Corporate DMZ in Preparation for a Data Center Migration
Kividi KikamaSecuring the Rapid Application Development (RAD) Methodology
Nancy KolbImplementing a Security Awareness Program for a Non-Profit Organization
Matt KwiatkowskiThe Scavenger Project
Mark LasAugmenting Perimeter Security Networks with Cisco Self-Defending Networks
Yvonne LeClaireThe Forensic Process Examined: Creating Cases for Classroom Use
Amy MaskiewiczData Sanitization: A forensic look at used hard drives
Trina McNamaraOnline, On-Premise, or Privately Built: The Right CRM for One Nonprofit
Michael MorfootDisaster Recovery in the Business Enterprise
Ahmed MustafaA Survey of Mobile Platform Security
Tung NguyenFalse Assurance in Smartphone Security for Users
Oyesola OkeEvaluating the Security of E-Government in West Africa
Monica Oteng-BoatengData Backup Security: Best Practices for K-12 International Schools in South Korea
Brian PohlmanThe Dark Side of the Internet: Introduction to Malware
Vijai RajagopalanProject Information Security (PROISEC) Portal
Colin ReidMitigating Identity Theft
Dwayne ShafferProactive and Reactive Measures Used to Secure Your Smartphone and Its Data and Smartphone Basics
Jayme SpevaComputer Architecture Using a Thorough, Concise, Step-by-Step Approach: A Course for Newcomers to the Information Security Field
Albert StanleyGlobal Markets: OPTI Management Resources (OMR) Segregation of Duties
Veo TaylorCase Study: Small Organization Business Continuity Plan Creation
Jeff TurleyVMware Security Best Practices
Chris UrbanImplementation of a Comprehensive EMR System in the Secure Corporate Environment
Michelle WaldenWeb 2.0 in the Workplace
Brian YoshinoSecuring an Active Directory Network Infrastructure