Girls working with computers to create cool things.

Summer Camp 2018

March 24th

In June 2018, we held our 6th annual Girls Create with Technology summer camp. The girls learned about coding and cybersecurity and, as always, built their own robots. Check out their creations on our Facebook and Instgram pages.

Cyber Security

March 24th

In our March 2018 Maker Session, the girls learned about the importance of cyber security. They also learned about caesar cipher encryption and decryption technique as well as tools used to perform a brute force attack on passwords.

Raspberry Pi

December 2nd

In our second maker session of the Academic school year 2017-2018, the girls used Raspberry Pi to install an LCD screen and programmed it with Python which enabled the screen to display text such as Hello World! or Merry Christmas!, current date and time. To review the steps, click

It is a fun raspberry pi project that can be done at home with the whole family.

App Lab Games

December 2nd

In our first maker session of the school year, the girls learned to code using's App Lab to make games that they could later play on their phone or tablet or even share with their friends or on social media.

Maker Sessions

2017- 2018

These Saturday classes are designed for girls in 6th through 12th grade. Each session will focus using technology to design and create a certain type of object. No experience is necessary. Girls may attend any or all of the classes but they must register for each session separately. Each session is limited to 20 girls. Check the schedule page for details.