Lewis University 2011 S.U.R.E Program

SURE 2011 Scavenger Hunt with Br. James Welcome to the 2011 S.U.R.E. website

The S.U.R.E program at Lewis University aims to immerse undergraduate students in scientific research processes as they work on a long-term research project with a faculty mentor. For nine weeks students participate in research, weekly interdisciplinary sessions for professional development, and group social events. In its second year at Lewis, the S.U.R.E. program has expanded to include six students in the fields of biology, chemistry, computer science, and physics. Professional development topics include scientific ethics, data analysis, data mining, technical writing, communication via oral presentations, and working in a group. To learn more about our experience and see pictures from our events, explore the rest of our webpage, created by the Summer 2011 S.U.R.E. students!

News and Updates:

6/6/11: S.U.R.E. students arrive on campus and get to know one another by completing a scavenger hunt, photos and a list of tasks can be found here

7/20/11: Badminton Tournament!

8/4/11: Final Research Presentation