• IBM Data Scientist Talks about Text Analytics and Visualization

    Nick Kadochnikov, Principal Data Scientist at IBM, presented "Social Media and Text Visualization" to CaMS students and faculty on Feb. 3, 2016. In his talk, Nick described how social media data is mined to measure its level of buzz and its sentiment, and then how those metrics are visually depicted to help inform business and marketing decisions. About 30 students and faculty attended his talk.

  • CaMS Student Presents on Military Group

    Shelby Curry, a junior Computer Science student from Plainfield, gave a presentation to the Lewis Math Club on the Society of American Military Engineers, or SAME. Shelby discussed the benefits from being a part of this organization, which include earning scholarships, expanding one's professional work experience, going to conferences, and building connections with future employers.

  • Girls Create with Technology Teaches iOS Development

    Another Girls Create with Technology (GCT) session was held on Saturday, January 23, 2016. Dr. Cindy Howard taught iOS development to 15 middle-school girls. The girls developed their very own apps that could run on iPads and iPhones. The next GCT event will have the girls build robots with Lego Mindstorms.

  • CaMS Students and Faculty Present at the 2016 Joint Mathematics Meeting

    Two CaMS students attended and presented at the 2016 Joint Mathematics Meeting in Seattle, Washington, during the first week of January. Students Melanie Harrison of Tinley Park and Betsy Langland of Downers Grove presented a poster entitled "Modeling Newton's Method Through Fractals". And Assistant Professor Amanda Harsy presented her work on mastery-based testing to improve student performance in Calculus courses. Melanie and Betsy's attendance was made possible by the support of the Student Academic Conference Support Program and the generous donations of our Computer Science Advisory Board. Congratulations to all!

  • Girls Create with Technology Builds Circuits

    The Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences' Girls Create with Technology series continued on December 12th with a session on building Arduino circuits. The participants built and programmed a variety of gadgets that made sounds, displayed messages and moved 3-D printed parts. Read more...

  • Marek Szczesniak Given CaMS Departmental Award

    Marek Szczesniak, a senior Computer Science major from Burbank, IL, won the Departmental Award for Computer and Mathematical Sciences for the Fall 2015 graduation class. Marek, who has a perfect 4.0 GPA, is a hard-working and extremely bright young computer scientist who embodies the CaMS Mission as an innovative problem-solver committed to serving others. Marek can often be found helping other students, and he generously gives of his limited free time to help others. We are extremely proud of Marek, and we wish him and all CaMS graduates for Fall 2015 continued success and happiness.

  • CaMS Seminar Series Features Cybersecurity, Software Engineering Talks

    Two talks were held as part of the CaMS Seminar series during the week of November 30. Dr. Jason Perry gave a presentation on the recent discovery that certain varieties of the popular Diffie-Helman key exchange algorithm have been broken and what that development means for our expectations of data privacy. And graduate student Curt Lebensorger gave a talk on how to develop data-driven server-side web applications in Python using the Django framework. You can watch the recordings for these talks by going to the CaMS Seminar Series Home Page.

  • Jessica Tennant Honored As Student Laureate By Lincoln Academy

    Senior Jessica Tennant excels on the basketball court and in the classroom. In fact, one major isn't enough for her talents. Jessica is a double major in Computer Science and Computer Graphic Design. She has been awarded the prestigious distinction as the Illinois Student Laureate from Lewis University.Read more...

  • Interdisciplinary Team Creates Tree App

    Lewis University enjoys a distinction as one of the few "Tree Campus USA" institutions in the country. The beautiful Lewis campus features hundreds of trees of numerous varieties. Now, thanks to the work of an interdisciplinary team of students in Environmental Science and Computer Science, visitors to Lewis' Romeoville campus can learn about the trees that add to its character and charm Read more...

  • Google Holds Career Event for CaMS Students

    Google hosted an online career event for majors in Lewis' Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences on Tuesday, November 10. More than 60 CaMS majors attended the event. These students included undergraduate Computer Science and Computer Engineering majors, as well as graduate students in the Master of Science in Data Science Read more...

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Welcome to the home page of Lewis University Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences(CaMS). These are exciting times to be a Math or Computer Science major, particularly at Lewis. Every day, new technologies are being developed that were created by computer scientists like our students. Some of these technologies may fundamentally change how we work, play, and communicate. And all of these technologies function based on the laws of math. Few other majors can boast the opportunity to transform the world the way Computer Science can, and few other majors enable you to understand those transformative forces the way Mathematics can. At Lewis, we are looking for ways to bring that potential to fruition, preparing students to be tomorrow's computer innovators and problem solvers.